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Saturday, February 19, 2011



Miller's Perfume Bottles: A Collector's Guide by Madeleine Marsh - This little gem is packed with tons of information, but maybe not what you'd want. It's split about 50/50 between commercial bottles and non-commercial. The information is pretty basic stuff, but what's in it is worth knowing. It is very, very slim at 59 pages of useful information. It's worth buying for a couple of dollars, but at the price listed on Amazon - $34.89 for a used copy - I'd pass.

Perfume Bottles (POCKET COLLECTIBLES) by Judith Miller - To my mind does nothing that you can't get better elsewhere. Seems equally split between commercial perfume bottles and non-commercial. It certainly isn't a bad book to have if you are new to collecting and the pictures are wonderful. Worth picking up if it's cheap enough - and it is. At the time of this writing, a used copy can be had on Amazon for $.99 + shipping.

Perfume Intelligence - Huge library well-known and little known fragrances and perfume houses and the dates they were introduced.

Images de Parfums - Wonderful catalogue of past and present perfume ads. And by past, I mean 10 years or so. Not so great for dating vintage bottles.

Chanel Perfume bottles: From Past to Present - Basically everything you needed to know about dating vintage Chanel bottle.

Where to buy/Read Reviews - Nice site to buy small samples of massively expensive scents.

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