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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acier Aluminium by Creed

Developed: 1973 
Gender: Unisex, supposedly. Sounds like it's aimed towards men, no?

Olfactive family: Chypre Woody

Top Notes: Bergamot 
Middle Notes: Spice and fruits 
Base Notes: Ambergris and vanilla

From their website:

Every man will feel like a knight in shining armor in CREED's Acier Aluminium fragrance.
Inspired by the armor of interlocking metal (known as "chain mail") worn by knights in the Middle Ages, Acier Aluminium makes a statement of unmistakably masculine strength and power. In fact, the French word "acier" translates as "high steel".

Where to buy: Creed homepage


Creed was established in London in 1760, and has been passed down within the Creed family ever since. It is currently owned by sixth generation perfumer Olivier Creed, and will reportedly be passed in turn to his son Erwin.

Woman Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger

Pictured: Woman Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger
Developed: 2011

Joy by Jean Patou

 Pictured: Current bottle of Joy Parfum.

Developed: 1930, right after the stock market crash. Marketed as "The costliest fragrance in the world, " and was still a runaway success.

Perfumer: Henri Almeras

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Peach, leafy green
Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Tuberose
Basenotes: Sandalwood, musk, civet
Where it can be bought:, Big Discount Fragrances, Nieman Marcus

People often complain about a "cat pee" smell from it, but I don't get that on me - it smells rich, complex and gorgeous.