De gustibus non est disputandum

Friday, February 25, 2011

Broadway Nite by Bond no 9

Bond no 9 is one of those niche fragrances firms whose prices are so sky-high, I promised never to try them on sheer principle - surely better could be had for less.

Well, it may be, but I ended up with samples of Chinatown...and now I'm slowly sampling the rest of the line while eating my humble pie.

The notes are listed as aldehyde, green violet, iris, heliotrope, sweet amber, honeysuckle and vanilla beans. The effect of the all is definitely a floral...and for me, maybe not. It is very, very sweet. I felt like I had smelled it before and asked my husband to take a whiff, which he did and said, "Mmmmm, apples." Huh. Well, yes. I am 24 now and less than 10 years ago, I slathered on body spray in between classes like I might have used hair spray had I been born a decade earlier. My favorites? Apples and raspberries ala Bath & Body Works. I can't swear that what I used to wear is exactly what's in production today, but I'm sure it hasn't taken any great leaps in sophistication.

Do I like Broadway Nite? Yes. It is very, very floral and sweet and yet sharp enough not to be cloying. Would I buy it? No. I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to buy something that reminds me so much of something I used to wear for $10 a bottle.

Launched: 2003
Gender: Feminine
Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Maurice Roucel
Bottle Designer: Bond No. 9 In House

Top Notes: Aldehyde, Green Violet
Middle Notes: Rose, Honeysuckle, Iris, Heliotrope
Base Notes: Sweet Amber, Vanilla Beans, Cedarwood, Musk