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Monday, February 14, 2011

Emeraude by Coty Ads

Emeraude by Coty

Pictured: 2 bottles of Emeraude Cologne (perhaps 80's) with an older splash style bottle.

Pictured: The current bottle of Emeraude.Look for that sloped "R".

Launched: 1921
Notes: jasmine, orange, and other citrus florals. Ending with spices and sandalwood.
Where to buy new:
Where to buy vintage: Ebay

Tuscany Per Donna by Aramis

Pictured: .12 fl oz/3.5 ml Mini, parfum,
Launch date: January 1993


Pictured: 2 new minis male/woman for the Halston perfume.

Dilys by Laura Ashley

Pictured: Dilys by Laura Ashley Mini Perfume. Edp. 5 ml/.17 fl oz
Launched 1991? That is when the mini dates from.

Diva by Ungaro

Pictured: Mini perfume bottle of Diva by Ungaro, 7.5 ml/1/4 fl oz. Edt.

Launched 1983

Paloma Picasso

Yes, she is related to that Picasso. She's the youngest daughter of the famed painter Pablo Picasso.

Paloma Picasso (1984)

Paloma Picasso

Pictured: Paloma Picasso. Parfum, 0.17 fl oz/5 ml.

Launched in 1984. Said to be inspired by a pair of black palm wood earrings favored by Paloma Picasso. A similar bottle, sized 0.25 fl oz, houeses the eau de toilette.

Detchema by Revillon

Pictured: Vintage mini bottle of Detchema by Revillon.

 This perfume was said to be a favorite of Maria Callas, famed opera singer and one of the most glamorous women to live.

Acqua di Gio by GIORGIO ARMANI

Pictured: Women's, 5 ml edt mini bottle.

Essence of Woman by United Colors of Benetton

Pictured: Essence of Woman by United Colors of Benetton. Discontinued.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Pictured: Non-Refillable Star. 0.8 fl oz.

Eau de Dali by Salvador Dali

Eau de Dali by Salvador Dali. Look closely, it's a nose and a mouth.

Celeste by Chateau De Paris/Parfume International

Pictured: 1/2 fl oz Perfume. N.Y. N.Y. 10017
Blended with Imported oils in the U.S.A.
The bottom says: "Bottle Made in Italy"

Joy by Jean Patou

Mini Bottle of Joy by Jean Patou, a recent bottle I bought. 3.0 ml, EDT, P&G Prestige

Fashion by Leonard

Mini Bottle of Fashion by Leonard. Fragrance launched in 1970.

Prophecy by Prince Matchabelli

Mini "crownette" of Prophecy by Prince Matchabellie.

S by Shakira

1 oz size of Shakira.