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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

Launched: 1999 
Perfumer: Mathilde Laurent
Notes: California Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Black Currant, Patchouli, Vanilla.

From Sephora: Pamplelune is an immersion into the icy tingle of an effervescent citrus potion, blended with the warm embrace of sun-soaked patchouli and sensual vanilla. Like a day in Provence, its combination of coolness and warmth is both energetic and sophisticated. 

FYI: I smell nothing sophisticated  in this. What I do smell is a crisp, mouth-wateringly tart grapefruit with a vanilla drydown, to be worn on sunny days with sandals, not red lipstick and kitten heels. This lasted about 3 to 4 hours on me before it needed reapplying.

Where to buy: Sephora

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